I'm a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach and the host of Narcissist Apocalypse, the most popular narcissistic/domestic abuse survivor story podcast in North America. 


I'm a graduate of New Ventures West, which is an Integral Coaching Program. The central tenet of my schooling is that in order to have a real, lasting impact on another human being, we must consider their full, complete selves; we must see them for who they really are, not only for part of who they are.  We believe that the more fully we can understand the forces constructing and coursing through a human life, the more powerful our coaching can be. 


Now as a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I understand how difficult it is to find a therapist/coach that understands exactly what you've gone through. Words can't express how monumental that moment is when someone else can see you and hear you, sometimes for the very first time. When it happened for me, I changed dramatically and I knew I wanted to help others do that to. So with the skills I learned from my schooling and my firsthand experiences, I set forth to make a difference in the lives of abuse survivors.


In 2019, I began interviewing survivors of narcissistic/domestic abuse on my podcast, Narcissist Apocalypse. In that time, I've published over 100 survivor stories and have interviewed many experts in the field, from therapists, to lawyers, to domestic violence advocates and agencies. My knowledge base has increased with every interview that I've conducted, and in the process, the show has grown beyond my wildest dreams. It now reaches upwards of 10,000 listeners an episode and it keeps growing. If you read the reviews on Apple Podcasts, you can see just how much of an impact the show has made on the lives of our community members. The motto of the show is 'Share Your Story. Advocate For Others. Heal Together.' And that's what we're doing. 


When I began the show, my philosophy was to be different than everybody else, and to me, that meant to be real, not clinical. My goal was to help survivors tell and validate their own stories, but to also validate and teach other survivors through those stories. The first part of the survivor healing process is to educate yourself and to understand what happened. I like to look at everything through a true crime lens, because to me, a crime has been perpetrated against you. We leave no stone unturned to figure out how your boundaries were broken down and what tactics were used to penetrate them. From there, we look at your belief systems and eventually figure out how to build better boundaries going forward. If you're still in contact with your toxic family, or maybe your ex due to having children with them, we'll work on the best ways to deal with them as going 'No Contact' isn't a possibility for everyone. 


From the podcast, to helping you one on one, to our life changing support groups and courses, myself and the community are here to help you at every step of your healing process.


So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for listening. And a big thank you for helping me and everyone else out there heal. Welcome to our community.

With Much Love,

Brandon Chadwick