I am the mother of a daughter that suffered in the hands of a narcissistic husband. The despair that I felt watching the changes in my daughter were gut wrenching. Listening to your podcast has helped me understand the depth of what she endured. This podcast has brought more clarity than any book that I have read on the subject. Thank you!


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Narcissist Support Group for Survival and Recovery

“Narcissist Survivor Support Group for Abuse Victims”

Have you ever felt trouble saying no to your partner? 

Are you in a relationship with a person who feels superior to you and everyone else?

Maybe your parents have expected highly of you so much that they make your achievements all about them. 

Perhaps your ‘significant other’ demands all your attention and remains critical of you because things are always ‘your fault.’

If you feel like in a relationship that saps away your life and you feel less self-confident, you might be a victim of narcissistic abuse. 

What Happens in this Situation?

Every person has narcissistic qualities that might make them confident or allow them to set boundaries. Some people, however, take it to an extreme. 

A narcissistic person constantly seeks admiration and tries to control everything and everyone. If you are in a relationship that shows signs of such disorder, you have become a victim of narcissistic abuse, and your mental health significantly diminishes. 

How Do We Help?

Narcissist Apocalypse has a narcissist support group that helps victims of abuse to survive and recover. A victim may look like an ordinary person with no visible signs of the ordeal to an untrained eye. However, there is a history of misery and pain at the hands of a narcissist. 

 As a narcissist survivor support group, we are here to tell you that you are not alone in this fight. We know that distancing yourself from someone who has a narcissistic attitude is difficult and painful. That is why we work as an empowering support group to take you away from narcissistic abuse and change your life.

Our podcast works as a platform where abuse survivors share their stories to inspire others to get rid of such abusive relationships finally.

Narcissist Support Group That Gives You Hope

This support group encourages you to develop your voice and share your experiences to help others. Through our support system, you will soon learn to understand yourself and develop compassion for the wounds you have suffered. 

The support you receive will help you resolve the anger and pain you have endured to make the relationship work. This narcissist survivor support group frees you from the confusion and re-connects you with your authentic self.

We will help you discover a new, more joyful, and connected you.



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