Key Stages You Go Through To Heal From Narcissistic Abuse

Victims of narcissistic abuse do not generally leave the toxic relationship but instead discarded. They feel stranded in the middle of the desert with no place to go.

The confusion is overwhelming that leaves you wondering what went wrong when you tried to do everything right. 

Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse Stages 

While every therapist and support group has a different perception of abuse recovery. Our support system divides the recovery phase into four key stages:

Stage 1: No Contact

No contact is an essential step for anyone to recover from narcissistic abuse. This stage is to give a person suffering trauma after trauma a chance to heal. The “No Contact” is not only physical but also mental and spiritual. Narcissists are energy-draining people who feed off your emotional energy. After the experience, you feel like the abuse is living in you and seeping into your life force. No contact means no checking, stalking on social media, or asking people about the person. Staying away from the abuse will eventually bring the positivity back to enter a state more powerful than before.

Stage 2: Taking Personal Responsibility

After an abusive experience, you start to feel responsible for everything that went wrong in the relationship and blame yourself. However, demonizing the narcissist will not help you much, as it is like taking poison daily and hoping that the other person is eliminated. Remember that the trauma lives inside you, and you are the only one who has the responsibility to heal. Remember the difference between taking responsibility and blaming. You are not taking the blame but rather taking radical personal responsibility to heal from narcissistic abuse. 

Stage 3: Release the Trauma

Once you have detached from the abusive person and taken the responsibility to heal, you transition to the third essential stage of releasing that trauma. This is a challenging and hard stage as you might start losing your mind and have an urge to reconnect and reconcile. However, this is the detoxing stage where you have to suppress these urges and become a new person. The essence of this stage is that you take power into your hands and leave everything toxic behind.

Stage 4: Never Become a Victim Again

The final element of recovery from narcissistic abuse stages is to ensure that you never become a victim again. You have learned all about narcissistic people and their behavior. Now is the time to avoid their attack. You have gone through many twists and turns to make yourself stronger, get back and take control of your life. 

Once you experience these stages, you will feel a strong feeling of self-respect and change your living to bring your better self forward.